Friday, March 27, 2015

Choose the Best Seating Plan for Your Activity

The theater-style seating arrangement

The U-shape seating arrangement

Seating arrangements can affect the success or effectiveness of conference or training activities. When you hold your event at the Malungon Retreat and Training Center (MRTC), be sure to request our arrangement personnel to set up your function room with the seating plan most suited to your purpose.   

For instance, the theater style of seating as shown in top photo is most appropriate for slide presentations or for keynote messages where the audience is simply expected to listen to the speaker. For lectures where the audience is expected to take notes or use handouts, tables may be added, and the seating arrangement is then called the classroom style.  

The U-shape style of seating in the second photo encourages collaboration and discussions.  

Another common seating arrangement is the team table or cluster style where six, eight, or ten participants are seated around a table.  This style encourages interaction and is best suited when the facilitator has group work planned.  

Each of the dormitory buildings at the MRTC has a function room (similar to that in the photos) on the ground floor.  Amenities include a sound system, LCD projector and screen, water dispenser, and restroom.  

For booking information, please get in touch with Lalaine Naquita at 09258846711,, or with Pastora Flor Soler at 09154617259,  

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