Friday, June 5, 2015

Mealtimes are Memorable at MRTC

Chef Queenie Boloron stirs a wok of clam
chowder almost ready for serving to a group of
Christian businessmen. 

Whole, poached chicken for Hainanese
Chicken Rice get a good
rubbing with sesame oil.

Chef Queenie makes vinegared rice, a main ingredient
in sushi.
Delectable food is an important part of the hospitality at the Malungon Retreat and Training Center. This starts off with balanced menus planned by Chef Harlequin ‘Queenie’ Boloron (who has been featured in such TV shows as Unang Hirit). The food is carefully prepared in a spacious, well-equipped kitchen and served buffet style in a dining room that can seat 150 at a time. Meals include Filipino classics, family all-time favorites, regional and Asian dishes, an occasional Western dish, and fresh fruit. 

Here is a sampling of Chef Queenie’s offerings for a five-day retreat:

Day 1. Breakfast: Beef tapa, fried rice, radish cake, fruit platter, scrambled egg, coffee. Lunch: Grilled tuna belly, steamed fish, guava soup, papaya pickles, macaroni salad. Dinner: Pesang manok, pork tonkatsu, banana heart salad, plain rice, fresh papaya. 

Day 2. Breakfast:  Fried fish, pako salad, salted eggs, coffee, rice. Lunch:  Pork adobo with saba, sinigang na tangigue, radish pickles, steamed rice, fresh pineapple. Dinner: Bulalo, fried galunggong, chayote achara, pandan rice, fresh watermelon.

Day 3:  Breakfast: Pork tocino, egg omelette, cucumber relish, garlic rice, coffee or tea. Lunch:  Beef caldereta, fried kangkong, miso soup, fresh banana, steamed rice. Dinner: Sinigang na hipon, fried tawilis, plain rice, fresh mango, maja blanca.

Day 4. Breakfast: Fried boneless bangus, scrambled egg, steamed rice papaya achara, fresh pineapple, coffee or tea.  Lunch:  Baked lemon chicken, mixed vegetables, mango salsa, steamed rice, fresh watermelon, iced tea.  Dinner: Chicken binakol, lumpiang shanghai, cucumber relish, plain rice, fresh papaya.

Day 5. Breakfast: Crispy bacon, potato pancake, poached egg, garlic rice, fresh watermelon, coffee or tea. Lunch: Sweet and sour lapu-lapu, clam chowder, plain rice, bread pudding, pineapple juice. Dinner: Hot and sour soup, fried galunggong, adobong sitaw, plain rice, fresh watermelon.

Breakfast at MRTC is from 7 to 8, lunch is from 12 to 1, and dinner is from 6 to 7

MRTC is also slowly gaining attention as a wedding venue. Reception menus include:

Set A: Grilled tuna, cocido, fresh lumpia, pork curry, spicy chicken soup, fresh fruits or native kakanin.

Set B: Thai spring rolls, pork tenderloin salad, chicken ala king, pinaputok na tilapia, cabbage rose soup, fresh fruits

Set C: Chicken hamonado, pork asado, tuna spring rolls, premium potato salad, seafood chowder, fresh fruits or native kakanin.

Set D: Sweet and sour pork, beef with broccoli, fish curry, Asian noodles, pumpkin soup, fresh fruits platter or native kakanin.

Set E: Asian beef, pork embotido, eggplant lasagne, Asian chicken salad, mushroom soup, fresh fruits platter or native kakanin.

Set F: Lemon chicken, fish with black beans, red cooked spareribs, hot pot, fresh fruits platter or native kakanin. 

All menus come with juice and unlimited rice. 

Meals are always a wonderful time for fellowship and relaxation. The kitchen and dining room staff of the Malungon Retreat and Training are committed to making your mealtimes here totally enjoyable and memorable.    

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